Amateur Radio Station

September 16, 2006 to September 23, 2006

Ray (V31DU), Pam (V31PW), Debbie (V31OR), &
Steve (V31TN) on a high-speed dash through the
mangroves south of Placencia during a search
for manatees.
Pam (V31PW) operates while Steve (V31TN) keeps
the log.
The ham shack was small but well-equipped. The operating position in the V31MD ham shack.
The house was cozy. The master bedroom.
Pam (V31PW) "helps" Debbie (V31OR) enjoy a
relaxing swing in a hammock.
Pam (V31PW) exploring the Mayan ruins.
A 4-star cafe in the Belize countryside. The open-air plush dining room.

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